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Over the weekend, as a part of Deltarune Chapter 2’s one years anniversary, Fangamer hoster the Spamton Sweepstakes. This was a charity free gift and auction that incorporated lots of Spamton lore, tricks, and also various other random information.
I wished to do my component to document things as totally as possible! I HOPE I really did not miss out on anything significant. This was remarkably complicated to create.

Many thanks again to Fruz for aiding out with the back fifty percent!
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0:00:00 Spamton Sweepstakes
0:02:32 Secret links
0:21:02 Spamton Value Network
0:32:07 holidaygirl1225′ (Noelle’s) Blog
1:00:42 Prize checklist
1:32:43 Spamton’s Q&A
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